Code of Conduct

(Last Updated on December 13, 2016)

We trust our users to conduct themselves responsibly as members of the Bar.  Therefore, all users are free to create new topics under the appropriate board and can edit their own posts until there has been a reply.

Users may adopt a pseudonym.  When logged into the Forums, click on the “profile” button and then select “edit my profile.”  You can then modify the “display name,” which is attached to your messages and posts.  Any changes will be automatically applied to prior messages and posts.

Users may also post anonymously.  Simply check the “Make this post anonymous” box under the “Options” button before submitting your post.  Your post will then be routed through a virtual guest account, which does not record the originating account or IP address.

In addition, users may send and receive private messages.  Private messages allow you to communicate directly with specified users, and can be used as a reply to a post by clicking the “Send PM” button.

All participants in the Forums must adhere to the following rules, in addition to the Terms of Service:

1.  Be respectful of others, particularly those with whom you disagree.  This means no name-calling or personal attacks.  In making your point, use the same good judgment and discretion you would in a courtroom or other professional setting.

2.  Do not create off-topic posts or engage in off-topic discussions.  If you would like to discuss a matter that is not covered in the existing forums, please post your suggestion in the Board Support forum.

3.  Do not reveal anyone else’s private information or make a factual claim about someone without ensuring that it is true and accurate.  However, you (and all other users) agree to be satisfied with a retraction and apology for someone’s technical, unintentional violation.

4.  Do not submit abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, or harassing material, or any content that is otherwise illegal.

5.  Do not pretend to be anyone other than yourself or your chosen pseudonym, or permit anyone else to use your account.

6.  Do not disclose confidential or non-public information pertaining to cases or investigations.

The administrator and moderators are charged with preserving the integrity of the Forums. They can edit or delete content, lock or move a thread, and warn, suspend or ban users, when they judge that the Code of Conduct has been violated.  Users who believe that a post violates the Code of Conduct or Terms of Service can click on the “report” button, submit a private post in the Board Support forum,  or send a private message to a moderator or administrator.

This Code is intended to strike the appropriate balance between promoting civility and fostering open and honest discussions. Like all things, it may be updated based on user feedback and experience.  Feel free to email any comments or suggestions via the contact form.